Our Main business issupplying sound for events of all sizes, from large scale sound reinforcement to vocal systems, background music, Dj and band systems. All our equipment is tested and maintained to the highest standards. Codex Audio only stock professional standard touring equipment providing the best possible sound quality for your event.

Wilko Johnson Band - France 2017High End AudioDas Array Aero12Wilko Johnson BandBoomtown Rats - Lattitude 2015FOH CRB 2011Show Time CRB 2011Yamaha Ls9

Our systems are designed and packaged to be as compact and light weight as possible keeping transport, crewing and costs to a minimum.

Lofty is foh engineer for The Blockheads and The Wilko Johnson Band, "I am very lucky to do something I enjoy so much for a living"

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DASAero 12 Line array,LX 218 Subs,
Inspired Audio Optima 5 Line Array, B215 subs
Monitors - L-Acoustics -fm115,Martin Audio -le1200

Midas Pro Series Consoles
DL231, DL251, DL155, DL151

Proccessing - Dolby Lake

Amplifiers -Lab Gruppen fp+

Outboard - Yamaha, TC,Lexicon, Marantz, Tascam, Apogee Big Ben

Microphones, ect.Shure, AKG, Beyer, Senneheisser, Milab, Bss, Emo, K&M, Kelsey, Vanne Damme, Neutrik

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